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'With God all things are possible’

At Sir John Offley, reading skills are taught using a variety of approaches.

Children are taught to value books, enjoy reading and are provided with a language rich curriculum.  In Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children and staff share books on a daily basis, usually in English and sometimes in their mother tongue.  More formal guided reading starts in Reception and continues throughout the school. Children take the book they have read at school to practice at home.

Guided reading books are levelled into Book Bands.  Each Book Band Level contains a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.  The school scheme includes books from several reading schemes. This means children are exposed to a wide range of book formats which ensures staff are able to meet the needs of all children.  

The systematic teaching of phonics takes place daily, following the DFE scheme ‘Letters and Sounds.’  This starts in Nursery and continues throughout Key Stage 1 (and into KS2 should children need to catch up).  Children are given lots of opportunities to apply their developing skills in interesting and engaging reading and writing activities across the curriculum.

Reading at Home - a guide for parents

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