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'With God all things are possible’

Here at Sir John Offley Primary School, we encourage independent writing from the earliest possible stage within a firm structure of basic skills. A wide range of writing opportunities are provided which link creatively to topics over the course of the academic year. The children are encouraged to check and evaluate their work. We teach spellings in a variety of ways from Reception onwards.  Each day, our Key Stage 1 children are taught phonics through 'Letters and Sounds'.  

Our Key Stage 2 children undertake a SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) session each day.  Aspects of grammar and punctuation are revisited, to allow for consolidation of knowledge and to promote a deeper understanding. All classes display the terminology, which the children need to learn and use in the course of their English work, as explicit knowledge of grammar is important in giving children a more conscious control and choice in the use of their language.

At Sir John Offley we teach cursive handwriting. We teach this as soon as they enter school. In Foundation Class we concentrate on getting each letter shape correct, using the slides into a letter and ending in a flick. This progresses in Year 1 and we start to introduce joining letters as we teach digraphs and trigraphs in phonics. Cursive writing is not taught in alphabetical order. We teach the letters in groups that are formed in a similar manner. 


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