At Sir John Offley CE (VC) Primary School, we have created an exciting and ambitious curriculum with a wide range of engaging experiences which promote a love of learning.  As a small school, we worked as a team to carefully design our curriculum, to ensure that there is a clear sequence of content, within each subject, which is well taught and has clear end points.   We acknowledge that knowing more and remembering more is the key to our children succeeding, therefore this deep body of knowledge is progressive so the core skills are introduced, built on and revisited in different contexts, from Foundation Stage to Year 6.

In order to provide a personalised curriculum, which is broad and balanced, we have identified what we feel should be important to our children and any barriers to learning they may face.  For example, we want our children to learn about their local area therefore, Madeley features as part of the Geography and History curriculum.   One of our aims is that all children will be competent readers and they will foster a love of reading, therefore, we use immersive texts to teach many subjects including, Science, PSHE and Art.  

Children are inspired to be the best that they can be which is underpinned by our Motto ‘With God all things are possible’.  Limited vocabulary can be a barrier for some of our children, therefore, our curriculum places an emphasis on all children being exposed and able to use ambitious vocabulary, in all subjects.  Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and to understand and reflect on how they learn.

We empower our children to reach their full potential, regardless of their ability or background. Our curriculum enables us to meet the needs of children with SEND and is aimed at being as inclusive as possible, for example, using multi-sensory activities, adult support, scaffolding and practical resources.  We want all children to feel engaged and supported to access the learning in a way that meets their individual needs.  We focus on investing the time to get to know each child and therefore, we can make reasonable adjustments, that are specific to a child’s need. 

Our curriculum is enriched through visits and other launch day experiences that are purposefully planned to enhance the learning taking place in lessons. Sir John Offley CE (VC) Primary School, is privileged to have its own onsite Forest School area which further enhances the provision we offer to our children. Alongside achievement, our curriculum extends beyond the academic and enriches the lives of children with extra-curricular clubs and sporting events.

Our nurturing ethos and Christian values: love, aspiration and forgiveness, are at the heart of all that we do at Sir John Offley Primary School.

Google Classroom

We use Google Classroom as our remote learning platform.  Your child can access this to view examples of learning that has taken place in their year group, to receive messages from the teacher and in Key Stage Two it is used for homework.

In the event of a school or class closure, your child will be able to log in and access their work set by the teacher. 

Google Classroom can be accessed by using the following link:

Please see the guide if you need any help