At Sir John Offley CE VC Primary, your child’s personal development and well-being is very important to us and we promote this through our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum.  We aim to teach all children to gain the practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive and fulfilled lives now and in the future.

The Secretary of State issued the following foreword:

‘Today’s children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world and living lives seamlessly on and offline.  This presents many positive and exciting opportunities, but also challenges and risks. In this environment, children and young people need to know how to be safe and healthy, and how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way.  This is why we have made Relationships Education compulsory in all primary schools in England and Relationships and Sex Education compulsory in all secondary schools, as well as making Health Education compulsory in all state-funded schools’.

Following our consultation with stakeholders in Spring Term 2021, we began using the PSHE Association materials for our PSHE/RSE teaching, in the summer term.  As this was successful continued to teach PSHE/RSE in this way and the full curriculum was implemented from September 2021. Our long term plan can be seen below.  Our policy has been written to reflect our curriculum and can be found on the policies page.