Our Church School

As the only church school in the village we pride ourselves on having an outstanding distinctive Christian character.  At Sir John Offley CE VC Primary School we develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the major world faiths. We enable children to develop a sound knowledge of Christianity and other world religions. Children reflect on what it means to have a faith and to develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding.

We have worked with stakeholders to write a vision, motto and three core values to reflect Sir John Offley. Each of our core Christian Values has a scripture verse linked to it. Our three values link to the holy trinity; Love linked to God, Forgiveness linked to Jesus and Aspiration linked to the Holy Spirit. These reflect Sir John Offley, our founder, who aspired to create a free church school in the parish for all children to be educated right back in the 16th century.

Our values of love and forgiveness link to our school motto and our third value has its own scripture verse which supports the children to think about pursuing Gods purpose for them.

We feel strongly at Sir John Offley Primary School that every child is unique and valued; we ensure that we provide rich opportunities for our children.

These experiences, alongside a well thought out curriculum, enable our children to develop a deeper understanding of God’s creation.

This is underpinned by our nurturing approach – we find it important to take the time to understand each individual child; we instil a resilience for them to be challenged and believe in their own ability and we strive for them to succeed and reach their true potential with God’s encouragement.

We have strong links with All Saints’ Church and with the vicar Rev. Tim Watson who leads whole school worship each fortnight in school. Harvest, Christmas and Easter services at Sir John Offley are held at All Saints’ Church.

Our school prayer is displayed and used daily throughout the school to reinforce our Core Christian Values.

Our School Prayer

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Please find out more about our school ethos and Religious Education at Sir John Offley CE (VC) Primary School by reading our RE, collective worship and spirituality policies and the information about how we develop our children’s spirituality and understanding of how to be courageous  advocates.

R.E. Policy

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Spirituality Policy

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